life's a beach

lisa's adventures down unda

This past Sunday a friend Warren from Sydney took the girls and I about 2 hours south to a place called Wollongong for some sightseeing and a picnic. We visited a few beaches, but the weather wasn’t cooperating so we didn’t make it snorkelling as planned. The afternoon was nice regardless; we made smoked salmon sandwiches and chatted before heading to some lookouts where handgliders take off. The drive along the coast used to go along the mountains but because of erosions they built a structure over water. It still followed the shape of the mountains and ended in a forest filled with squiggly gumtrees. It was so nice to be in a car and not a bus for once! Warren is from Sydney so he had a lot to tell us about the area. It was nice to get out there with a local and see a spot that we might have missed while we were busy being tourists. Australia continues to amaze me with its beautiful beaches! We ended the day with what is known as Australia’s best apple pies - still not as good as Mum’s if you as me ;) 

  • 26 April 2012